Tommy Childress
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Born in Tennessee on June 30, 1987.  The proudest moment of my life. Along came Tommy a 8lb.6oz. boy. The joy of our lifes.

When Tommy 1st came into this world. June 30,1987
This is Tommy's footprint when he first came into this world. 

Thomas McArthur Childress
                                                8lbs.6ozs. 21inches long
                                                       June 30,1987

Tommy 4-days old
Tommy was only 4 days old in this picture.
Tommy only2 weeks old
Tommy was only 2 weeks old
Tommy 2 1/2 months old
He was always a happy baby.
Tommy 7 1/2 months old
That's our boy for ya.
Tommy 1 year old
Tommy loved his cars even though he was only 1 year old.
Tommy 18 months old
Our cute little boy.
Tommy 2 years old

Doesn't Tommy look just so sweet?

Tommy 3 years old

Tommy enjoyed his Halloween as Kermit the Frog.

Tommy 4 years old
Tommy just couldn't resist a good picture every now and then.
Tommy 5 years old
Tommy in kindargarden. 1992-1993
October 11,1992
Little Sister Heather was born in Nashville,TN.
Tommy thought the world of Heather till she got older,then they fought like cats and dogs. They loved each other but I tell ya they could not see eye to eye on nothing. That was the times. 


Tommy 6 years old
Tommy 1st grade 1993-1994
Tommy 7 years old
Tommy 2nd grade 1994-1995
Tommy 8 years old
Tommy 3rd grade 1995-1996
Didn't have a school picture,that was the year my father passed away.
Tommy 9 years old
Tommy 4th grade 1996-1997
Tommy 10 years old
Tommy 5th grade 1997-1998
Tommy 11 years old
Tommy 6th grade 1998-1999
Tommy 12 years old
Tommy in 7th grade 1999-2000
Tommy 13 years old
Tommy 8th grade 2000-2001
Tommy 14 years old
Tommy 9th grade 2001-2002
Tommy 15 years old
Tommy 10th grade 2002-2003
Tommy 16 years old
Tommy got his license so he figured he didn't need school anymore. He went through a lot in school and all ,so we let him drop out. He pretty well would do his own thing. But cars was his choice of work no matter what he did.
May 26,2004
Another little sister is born Destiny Jo Childress In Illinois.  Tommy thought the world of Destiny,everytime he came in from somewhere he always bought her a little car or jeep. He said she is gonna be the tom-boy. It didn't help that everyone thought she was his kid. They do favor a lot that is for sure.

Tommy 17 years old
At 17 Tommy pretty well knew he wanted to do things like working on cars,mudding and just doing things most country boys would do.
Tommy 18 years old
Tommy turned 18 on June 30th,2005,he passed away on August 04,2005. So in that little length of time of turning 18 he got to go mudding,and fixed up on cars,and just lots of things that him and his friends could think of to do. He had more friends than he thought he did. His death hurt many people. More than he will ever know. At least he got to turn 18 before he went away. Five days before his death,me,his dad and little sister Destiny and his friend Cory all had went to Sonics to have a meal together and afterward we all went to Wal-Mart to get his boots he had been wanting for so long. We all had a good time just laughing and joking and just being silly all together. It will be a day we will never forget that we all spent together. I still have those boots and will never let them go. 


Passed away on August 04, 2005 at the age of 18. Forever and Always in our Hearts. Love and Miss Ya Tommy.

June 30,1987-August 04,2005
*4-Ever In Our Hearts*

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